Suspicion of Malignancy

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Delores Burgess is an expert speaker, singer, and author, and is unmatched at shaking senses and rattling reason so women become empowered to fight and survive breast cancer, be proactive, and take control over the greatest asset of their lives ...THEIR HEALTH!

Delores Burgess, a breast cancer survivor and one of few wellness speakers who understands and communicates breast cancer and health and wellness issues specific to the needs of all audiences and helps educate, inform and unify entire work forces in understanding cultural differences and support needs of working women.

- Need a rare keynoter who will energize, educate, inspire, and move your audience with passion?
- Want to minimize the impact of breast cancer in your community or workplace?
- Can you speak frankly yet sensitively to women about breast cancer risks, fears, and survival?
- Can you create an intimate conversational setting for different women to share similar health issues?
- Want better overall results effectively promoting women’s health and wellness?

Knowing how to achieve these things is knowing Delores Burgess is the speaker you need!

Delores Burgess provides knowledge and guidance that is necessary in helping employers increase their advantage of implementing culturally sensitive approaches to women’s health and wellness and successfully undertaking one of the most devastating yet common health issues among all women, breast cancer. Delores guides employers in recognizing health and wellness as “critical” to reduce employee time off due to illness, increase productivity, and decrease health care costs.

Delores’ most popular seminar SURVIVAL TOOLS FOR HEALTHY BOOBS is a personal and powerful in- depth breast cancer awareness workshop designed for women of all ages. Its’ interactive tools teach women to take control of their health, advocate for their own bodies, and prevent, fight, and survive breast cancer.

Seminar participants will learn to:

  • Self Examine and Seek Proper Breast Care
  • Understand genetic, physical, and environmental risks
  • Break Cultural Habits and Dispel Cancer Myths
  • Detect and Change Cancer Feeding Lifestyle Behaviors
  • Be a Support Sister – Pre and Post Diagnosis
  • Face Diagnosis and Overcome Denial
  • Make Wise Survival Choices
  • Celebrate Your Beautiful Life!

“Breast cancer x-rays and images are black and white but the issues of survival are not. I want to speak at your next meeting, training session, or conference to equip and empower the women of your organization with the necessary tools to stop breast cancer and to live healthy productive lives.

Delores Burgess is the national “go-to” person for the Prepare To Live Survival System™. This essential and real information approach to coping with a breast cancer diagnosis prepares women to immediately conquer fears, face diagnosis, and levelheadedly take the right actions from diagnosis to treatment to survival.

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Thank you for being our Keynote Speaker at our 9th Annual Pink Tea. Your delivery of such an important topic was more then I could have ever imagined. I loved how you opened up dancing recognizing our theme “A Celebration of Life”. At that very moment I felt you zooming in on why we were there. You telling your own personal story really made the connection, not only with Breast Cancer survivors, but with all of us. We have all gone through something that we could relate, parts of your story to. I have to say the part that I indeed enjoyed the most was when you went down into the audience and serenaded all the survivors in the room, that was simply breathtaking, and one could see how very special they all felt. Your star quality and personal touches went a long way.
Dawn White-Bracey
Sister’s Journey, Pink Tea Coordinator
Proud daughter of Linda White-Epps

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